As a talk therapist, I understand  the power of words. I know the importance of choosing and using the right words because the use of that word can have tremendous influence on any given event or action. People come to me because, like any other health provider, they have a problem. As a talk therapist, my medicine is words. Let me show you what I mean.

You say, “I have a problem” and I say “Huh.” I know that anything becomes the thing you’re looking at. And now you’re saying, “Huh.”


  1. A matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.

I want to talk about the last six words in that sentence:

needing to be dealt with and overcome

What happens when I introduce another word to replace problem?
  1. A fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action.

Maybe a problem, whatever it may be, is nothing more then a circumstance. You  know, a condition; one that’s connected to an event or action. In this way the “problem” is a circumstance needing to be dealt with and overcome.

Right now you’re either tracking with me or think I’m choosing  different words to explain the same thing. I will share something I learned: Most of the time a problem depends on how you see it. Check out → Do U C what I C? The other times, it’s someone else’s problem that you decided to make yours 🙄

By viewing a problem as a circumstance, the problem less unwelcome or harmful. Those two words cause people to freeze and shut down their problem-solving.

Now this brings us to the action part of our series of events ➡ needing to

be dealt with and overcome. This is summed up in two words and they’re big ones. They are kind words most people struggle with for life: RESPONSIBILITY and PERSEVERANCE.

If I were walking along Myrtle Beach (that’s the beach for SWVA) and came upon

a lamp … My three wishes would be unlimited resources of my choice (you can tell I’ve given this some thought), accountability and continual self improvement (no quitting). Check out  → Back to Basics

It is likely that problems are just circumstance: A fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action.  In other words, the solution is found in resolving the relevant event or action. You know the saying: Be the change you want to see. Easier said then done; it takes responsibility and perseverance. The only two things humans struggle with more than sugar and bread. Check out → A Girl named Prudence

If you are the problem, and typically you are, viewing the problem as a circumstance changes you from the problem to the problem-solver. Isn’t that what any problem requires? A problem-SOLVER. That’s my job; to remind YOU that YOU are the solution to YOUR problems, difficulty, issues,  botherinconvenienceworryanxietydistressconcerndisquietuneaseirritationvexationannoyancestressagitationharassmentunpleasantness;  or whatever circumstance you find yourself in.


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-Reluctant Therapist