I have two answers to that question: The first is legitimate and the other is hidden.  The legitimate story of a reluctant therapist begins at the end of the war of Iraqi aggression, better known as the Gulf War. It involves one of the many deaths in becoming you. I am still dying and living a new and will keep doing so until I …

At age 29, a final injury killed my military career. I retreated to the safety of the college campus. Hint: If you discover you’re loss, seek a place to go to get directions. For me it was Providence College. The other option was a trailer in the Arizona desert watching cartoons in my boxers.

See, my legitimate reason for reluctant therapist is: I never intended to be a therapist. On the path of becoming me; I found a wife, a mortgage, a baby and a job. Out of desperation I applied for any and all jobs I could, again, Providence was at work (both the college and Divine). I interviewed for a position as counselor, a position which I had ZERO experience. My last job:  Explosive Ordinance Disposal.

To make a long story shorter, I was called on accident because my cover letter was stapled to another’s work history. The interview went splendidly until the interviewer asked the interviewee about his extensive counseling experience. Evidently having no counseling experience is a bad thing when applying for a counseling job.

At this point of the tale you need to know that I know:

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.

When I say I applied for any and all jobs, I mean ALL jobs. You must adapt to any environment and be ready to keep adapting. This is how an over educated; unemployed, disabled veteran with no work experience got a mortgage and a job he did not qualify.

I started the path of becoming a reluctant therapist the day after my daughter was born, six month later,  I became the senior counselor. Twenty five years later, two more children, another graduate degree, professional license and a book  – I am a Reluctant Therapist.

The HIDDEN reason: Most of the time no one is listening … this also makes me a Reluctant Therapist.