I live in a world of takers. What is a taker? They are the ones that take my energy, both physical and mental. Physical takers are best known as “the Grind.” Anyone that works at the numerous tasks required to move forward can identify with the Grind; the physical takers. They are all the nouns (person,place or thing) that robs you of you.  Ever meet someone that, by the time they leave, you are drained? Yep, that’s a mental taker.  ➡ HINT: A taker can also be a giver depending on your  Perception (link) There is a literal and figurative definition to grind. Literally,  the word grind is define as reducing  something to a small particle world-crushingor powder by crushing it. And figuratively … well, we all know that feeling of being slowly crushed. People tell me crushing Grind stories all the time. The feeling of being small and insignificant in a big world pressing down on them. So what to do ?

  • REALIZE  💡 Realize means to become fully aware; understand clearly or cause something desired to happen. I love words; makes sense that a talk therapist would love words. So,  I REALIZED that I live in a world of givers too. What are givers? They are the nouns (person, place or thing) that give energy, both physical and mental.

Next to words, I love Naps. Naps are givers so is drinking coffee with my wife. If you stop and REALIZE you will see givers everywhere, you just have to C what I C . If takers are GRIND, then givers are PEACE. Anyone that works at the numerous tasks required to move forward and gets excited at the thought of a 3-day weekend, knows the feeling of peace. It is that feeling of rest. That person that makes you smile. Yep, that’s a mental giver. Peace is freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.


So let’s pursue those things which bring peace and which are good for each other (Romans 14:19). I live in a world of Givers and Takers: The takers take my energy (spirit) and the givers give me energy (spirit). So, I will pursue those things which bring peace. But what if my life is consumed with takers? Than the first step is to eliminate the takers you can.

The best way to increase something is to decrease something else

Think about it. Human face with question markThe best way to increase wealth is to decrease debt. And the best way to increase peace is to decrease disharmony. I know, I know; How do I decrease disharmony?

  • Make a list of all the takers in your life. Takers come in two flavors: involuntary and voluntary. Involuntary are the ones you have little control over like job, mortgage … family 😀 Voluntary are the ones we invite into our circle. In my experience, voluntary takers outweigh involuntary takers. So, go through your list and start neutralizing the voluntary takers. I know, I know; How do I neutralize the voluntary takers?
  • Boundaries. A boundary is a line that marks the limits of an area; a dividing line.  A PERSONAL Boundary is the guideline, rule or limit you             create to identify reasonable and permissible ways other people behave towards you and how you will respond when someone test your limit.      ➡ NOTE: If you do not have clear boundaries then you have a sign tape to your back that says …

My point. I live in a world of Givers and Takers and I am the gatekeeper of my life. The gatekeeper is the person that controls access to something. By controlling access to the takers that zap my energy (spirit) I indirectly replenish it. Not only that, but I guard it. This in-turns keeps it safe from voluntary takers. Which preserves my energy so Givers don’t just replenish what was taken but build on it.

Like always   pointing-down-hand-clip-art-gg55937556    The Choice is Yours