99 % of your day is written on a Post-it note. You know you feel it. The culprit is not your schedule as much as it is your brain. It seems your brain doesn’t think anything in your day is more worthy than a Post-it.

A decision is a choice that you make about something after thinking about it. The best guess is that you make about 35,000 decisions a day, kids make about 3,000 a day. That means your brain is scribbling down about 35,000 things during your busy day. So, while the brain is considering about 2,000 things every hour and making a choice every 2 seconds your story is recorded from this maze of random decision, all scribbled on scrap pieces of paper, most of which get lost or thrown away.

The brain’s Post-it note 💡 can be thought of as the ability to remember and process information at the same time. It is the brain’s express lane; holding 7 items or even less in a readily-available state for about 10 to 15 seconds so you can checkout as quickly as possible and get back to scribbling.

Lets use this incredibly well-thought and articulate post wrote by a handsome and above average man as an example. In order to understand the sentence just read; the beginning has to be held in mind while the rest is read. This  is the job of short-term memory; the brain’s Post-it. However, this information will quickly disappear forever unless you make a conscious effort to retain it. This brings us to the point of this incredibly well-thought and articulate post … WAKE-UP 🙄

Conscious effort requires a minute of your time, literally

Life is a storyGiving that thing a minute of consideration moves it from the Post-it to CONSCIOUSNESS. The difference is a life that goes from Post-it to a state of awareness. Instead of the trash, it gets filed for later use. Psychotherapist love to tell people to live a conscious, self-aware life, and I am no exception. Living a conscious life is realizing that you are not READING a story, you are WRITING a story.

➡ How? Stop reading for a minute (Post-it life) and start writing. I am a psychotherapist who not only enjoys telling but gets a kick showing how easy it is. Pick a word, any word. Now consider that word for a moment. There is another post called What’s in a WORD? wrote by the same handsome, above-average gentleman, not so humbly submitted for your consideration.

Take a minute to consider the word virtue. A virtue is many things done many different ways. Virtue is a tool. It is a guide to help the author (you) write a good story. In the same way, religion is a guide. Virtue is a positive trait or quality deemed to be morally good and thus valued. Most of us know the difference between good and bad. That means most of us know virtue, whether we take a minute to consider it personally is another story. Religion and virtue are tools to help the writer construct a good story but they take conscious effort. You can be virtuous without religion just as you can be religious but lack virtue.

My point? They give an outline from which to construct the story. They don’t prevent you from drawing outside the lines, instead they show you the line. The conscious effort to stay inside the lines is all YOU. As a foundation for story, it is a strong base to build from. See my point? As a foundation, it forms a base or core from which most actions come from; this makes a virtuous person and a good story.

No one is expected to be their best all the time; just put forth a conscious effort. Stop scribbling on scrap pieces of paper and try to writing a complete sentence, then two. Soon you will have a paragraph, then two.

If you want more to consider; consider a well-thought and articulate book by a handsome above-average guy. I promise it is worth a minute of your time.

 Caution: The Choice is Yours.