RtThis is a few random chapters from a book I wrote last year


5 star seal rating
Caution: The Choice is Yours by Bryan Lindberg is an inspirational and motivational book that reiterates the power of choice in our lives. The three types of people – the Do, the Don’t and the Dazed – are the ones on whom the choice depends. The book helps us to know what type of person we are and it also speaks about emotions like pain, guilt and much more that hinder us while making choices in life. The personal stories come from twenty years as a therapist. The homework that follows at the end of each chapter is helpful in contemplating and reflecting on the reading and is designed to emulate therapy of self-discovery. The book handles the topic of do’s, don’ts and the dazed extensively, and it gives an in-depth knowledge about the power of belief and how all of us live a life of manipulation. It’s easy  to find out what type of person makes the choices in life. The writing style is simple and fluid and handles a relevant topic in an interesting and engaging way, making readers think and act. Concepts in the book are offered to helps readers think and make decisions in their lives.
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