fistDepression is an opponent just like any other, YOU struggle to be the one that wins. The thing that makes depression such a deviant is that it steals your desire to play. Forget about winning, your desire to even play is gone. The only defense is to trick the brain. When you trick the brain you are using a strategy called:  FAKE IT till you MAKE IT.

It’s a simple game:

Whoever has the most points (You or Depression) wins.

The following is the list of points.



Get out of bed when the alarm clocks go off. No alarm clock? Then get out of bed the same time every day. –  9 points

Take a shower once a day at the same time – 13 points

Eat breakfast before noon. Coffee doesn’t count, eat some food. – 11 points

Talk to a friend. Not text or email or Facebook, actually move your lips and speak words that someone hears and speaks back. -15 points

Don’t have a friend … Get one.  – 33 bonus points  (20 if they’re virtual)

Do 20 minutes of some sort of exercise. Yes, cleaning the house counts.   – 17 points

Do not go to sleep while the sun is shining.  – 14 points

Read a little each day of a good Nonfiction book. I can make an excellent recommendation.  – 12 points

Have an entire day with only 5 processed food items.Processed is prepackaged like chips, soda, fast food,  & connivance food.  – 21 points

Taking medication as prescribed each day.  -27 points

Limit alcohol to 2 ounces per day.  This is two 12 oz. beers of glasses of wine  – 29 points

Do something kind for someone else each day.   -24 points

Go to bed each night at the same time.  – 9 points

Each day, be different then those around you – 33.3 points


Total Score per Day = 224.3 with Bonus for a friend


Rules are easy: Just DO it. The more you do, the more points you earn. The less you do the more points depression gets.


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