Heads up! This post is about time and anxiety. The two are partners in crime. My evil plan 😈  is  to  give you a different way to think about anxiety. By doing so, you will change it. Yes. I am one of those people that believe our perception make reality→ Read Do U C what I C? and U will C 2 what I mean.

I asked a question a year ago: If a piece of fruit is on a table and I see an apple and you see a plum., what fruit is on the table? No one answered apple or plum, 54% said both and 36% said it depends. My POINT … reality is subject to perception … And every has an opinion. 

Now, I want to talk about time. By looking at TIME differently you will effect your anxiety. How you ask? Anxiety is 90% future events, you’re loosing sleep for events in a different time zone. That’s like being so concerned about the weather in Dallas that you always get caught in the rain in Boston. It just so happens that I have a post about time → Read I have NO time

The idea is, time is a tool we use to keep track of events and nothing more. It doesn’t exist outside our own concept. Give this time (pun intended) to sink in. This means that you control more than you know. Let’s say you have a court date, job interview, speech, surgery, money: Do I need to go on about all the things we worry about? The list is endless. You change your feeling / anxiety by realizing the event has already happen. The outcome occurred just as was going to. And guess what? You adapted to that outcome just as was going to happen. That, my friend, is faith.

What would happen if WE had less WORRY and more FAITH?

Here it comes, that Christian Faith stuff. I hear you, but let me ask you a question. What makes more sense; worry about events you have no control over or Faith? You guessed it, I got another post → Read Got Faith?

That’s it. Be willing to see things differently AND  except that someone can see things differently too.  That is step one of five.

Consider for a moment that you just may have more control AND strength than then you think.  That is step two of five.

Consider the power of faith AND the transformation of less anxiety and more belief. That is step three of five.

Now talk to someone about what you have read AND you will be amazed. That is step four of five.

Finally, pray a prayer AND truly consider the meaning of each word. This is step five of five.