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What’s the point?

The other day I was asked, “What’s the point?” Their rather sarcastic question was in response to a suggested (SMALL) step towards a path leading to change. My rather sarcastic response was, “Good question; Now tell me the answer. What’s… Continue Reading →

Zombie Identification

I see undead people. The Zombies are everywhere! Not the brain eating kind, mostly because it’s hard to find a good brain these days. No, instead of taking brains, these Zombies sacrifice their own. The problem with sacrificing your brain;… Continue Reading →

I need PP next year

So this is the one time of year that we ALL contemplate. Like looking both ways before crossing the street; we collectively look backwards and forward. When I earnestly take a look at my life there is one thing I… Continue Reading →

Give Me a Liver

WARNING  This is an observation that turns into a rant.   There are many types of personalities but I only care about two: the LIVER and the Practicer. The Liver, besides being a large meaty organ that sits on the… Continue Reading →

You are the GATEKEEPER

I live in a world of takers. What is a taker? They are the ones that take my energy, both physical and mental. Physical takers are best known as “the Grind.” Anyone that works at the numerous tasks required to… Continue Reading →

Your Life on a Post-it

 99 % of your day is written on a Post-it note. You know you feel it. The culprit is not your schedule as much as it is your brain. It seems your brain doesn’t think anything in your day is more… Continue Reading →

No Worries … Yes Fantasy

At 63, I am a PhD in Human Development from Virginia Tech (VT). Bryanna, my 31 year-old daughter, is a Lawyer for the State Department. She graduated from the University of Virginia (UVA) and works for the Department of State’s… Continue Reading →

An Audio “Caution” for you

This is a few random chapters from a book I wrote last year   Caution: The Choice is Yours by Bryan Lindberg is an inspirational and motivational book that reiterates the power of choice in our lives. The three types… Continue Reading →

Resolution … or Not

  This post came to me while mowing my lawn. Mowing is just one of several activities that causes my mind to wander. So, while zipping around on my zero turn, I often go over the weeks conversations with patients…. Continue Reading →

Absence of Love

WARNING – It happened again. I start with an idea of what to write and the post goes and writes itself.   Do you start a post with a cliche? No. Instead I’ll start with a question. Life is a journey… Continue Reading →

In GOD we Trust … Really?

“In God We Trust” was adopted as the nation’s motto in 1956  as an alternative to the unofficial motto of E pluribus unum (“One of many”). Traditionally, the meaning of the phrase was that out of many states (or colonies) emerges… Continue Reading →

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