So this is the one time of year that we ALL contemplate. Like looking both ways before crossing the street; we collectively look backwards and forward. When I earnestly take a look at my life there is one thing I need … PP.

In 1973, at the impressionable age of nine, I witness two things for the first time on T.V. The first wonder was a program about Chang and Eng Bunker, conjoined twins born in Siam, thus we have Siamese twins. The second happen during the commercial. It was for this new product called Krazy Glue. Is it a coincidence that I should be made aware of these two things at the same time? I think not. As fate would have it, I had two younger brothers that were not conjoined – yet.

The spanking was almost worth the screams of terror when they woke. This was my lesson in adherence.

tonguefrozenPersistence is adhering to a course of action, a belief, or a purpose. You are not simply associated to the action, belief or purpose; you are stuck to it like glue. Imagine the strength of a belief stuck to you. It is who you are; to destroy it would destroy you.

The problem with 3.72 trillion failed resolutions made during this time of year is a problem from Persistence Perception (PP).

Faith is a strong thing. It is more than a casual association. Having a belief is not simply something you are associated with but it is a part of you. Imagine being adhered to your faith in such a way that it is the force that drives you. Check out another post to see what I mean → Faith -vs- Trust

There is a huge difference between associating with something and adhering to it. Like super glued brothers, nothing comes between you and and the thing you’re adhere to. The difference is perception of persistence. The best way to improve your PP is to add TRUE consequence 😯

For example: Next year I am going to START (fill in whatever self-improvement behavior) or I am going to STOP (fill in whatever self-diminishing behavior). Of those 3.7 trillion failed resolution, there is only two kind: The kind that START something new or STOP something old. Now, if you really mean it and are not just associating yourself to it, add a true consequence.

What’s a TRUE consequence? It’s the one that gets you out of bed instead of hitting the snooze. Like giving half of your savings to friend or family to hold until your deadline is reached. Then depending on your your perseverance, the money either comes back or gets donated.

Many people confuse perseverance with persistence and the other way around. They may seem identical but they’re not. It help’s to think of them as twin sisters, both struggling for individual recognition. The difference is in the character. If you think of something that lasts, you are talking about persistence. Perseverance is the struggle to last. See, your perseverance is the effort of your persistence.broken-heart

WARNING: Focusing on perseverance will compromise your mission.The goal of perseverance is not the struggle itself but instead the object of our struggle. This is the reason many struggle in vain, they focus on the effort and loose sight of the prize. What is the purpose of your struggle? What’s the goal? How important is it? Are you casually associated or adhered to it?The goal is to survive. To outlive the process that created it (persistence) is why we struggle (persevere).

 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

2 Timothy 4:7

“The art of love is largely the art of persistence”~ Albert Ellis



-Reluctant Therapist